5 Step Guide To Choose The Best House Clearance Company


Nowadays, the internet has greatly changed the way we do things. You can shop online from the comfort of your home, pay bills online, order for services and so on so forth. However, that does not excuse you from the fact that you should always do your research well, to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company. The same applies if you are looking for the right House clearance company in London; you have to ensure that you pick a reputable company that won’t disappoint you.

Below we have compiled a guide on how to choose the best clearance company;

  • Online; let’s assume you’ve decided to look for a house clearance company in London. Your first step will be to search online, for all the companies offering these services. You can narrow your search to companies offering services within your borough or nearest town. Such would be more preferable because it means they would have no problem coming to your premises on a short notice.
  • Get their contacts; most clearance companies will have telephone numbers that you can use to contact them. Get such numbers, and dial the clearance company to make enquiries. Does the number go through and if it does, is the customer care team warm, courteous, and welcoming? Their attitude towards you can help you know whether they are a good company or not.
  • Same day services; while talking to the customer care team, seek to find out whether the clearance company offers same day services. A good company should be able to dispatch their clearance teams on a short notice. You can also ask them about that services they specialize in; some clearance companies tend to specialize in commercial and industrial clearance, flats clearance, etc.
  • Rates and quotation; it’s also important to find out what the clearance company charges for their services. Do they charge depending on the amount of waste cleared, or they charge a blanket rate for all clearance jobs? What services are entailed in their clearance services, is garden clearance, basement clearance, garage and car shed clearance part of their services? Also, ask them for a quotation of their services; a good company should give a free quotation either once you’ve described to them the task at hand, or they have visited the site.
  • No hidden charges; having ascertained all of the above factors, the last thing you’ll need to do before asking the company to get the job done, is to find out whether they have any hidden costs. The most common hidden fees include parking and loading fees; any clearance company charging you for loading is being plainly unfair and exploitative!


With the above tips, you can always be sure to get the right house clearance company in London.