How to keep your home clean this summer


clean-house-summerAs it gets warmer, doing cleaning and tidying becomes more of a chore. You want to spend days out at the pub and the beach, but you don’t want to come back to a messy home that’s overgrown with clutter, dishes and clothes.  In the heat, its best to adopt the ‘little and often’ approach to stay on top of your home, but not tire yourself out.

Summer cleaning tips

  • Make your bed daily as soon as you wake up. It instantly lifts your mood and look tidier.
  • Do one load of washing a day, rather than many on the weekend.
  • Stay on top of dishes by cleaning straight after a meal- don’t let it pile up
  • Vacuum rooms once a week, and make sure to rotate around the home during the week
  • Pick up after yourself- everything should be in a designated place not on the floor
  • Clear and wipe your kitchen counters daily before you go to bed
  • Deal with mail once a day; recycle envelopes and spam mail straight away so they don’t clutter the home
  • Put coats and shoes away.
  • If something has no place to go then get rid of it.
  • Do a daily round of the house picking up mugs and cups to bring to the kitchen.
  • Mop your kitchen floor once a week

Following these tips will make sure you’re not stuck at home doing hours of cleaning when you should be enjoying the sunshine, and instead do a little bit here and there throughout the week. Don’t do all of these in one go, but spread across the week for real convenience. You will appreciate the difference and look forward to coming home after a long hot day, to a fresh clean house.