5 Important Tips on How You Can Help the Environment

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The environment is facing more destruction today from mankind, than it has at any other time. Today, the snow and ice from the North Pole and South Pole are melting fast, droughts and flooding associated with climate change are wreaking havoc from California to Ethiopia, to Tasmania, sea levels are rising; are these are the result of mankind’s greed for natural resources. However, all is not lost; each one of us has a duty and responsibility to do whatever is possible, to help conserve the environment. The good thing about helping the environment is that you can start small; you just need to embrace a lifestyle that does as little harm to the environment as possible.

Below are 5 simple, but effective things you can do to help save the environment.

  1. You don’t have to drive to work; on each given day, cars emit shocking carbon emissions to the environment. In places like India, China, major cities have been blanketed by a cloud or mist, thanks to the high emission levels. Thus, always try to ride a bike to work or walk if you can! If this is not possible, try and use a public transport system. Cars are notorious for the harm they do to the environment.
  2. Conserve water; water is a natural resource and while most take it for granted, it makes a lot of sense to help conserve the little that we have. Do not spend hours in the shower dancing and singing; try to use as little water as possible, and close all taps when done. Wash your car on the lawn so that the water also doubles up as irrigating water.
  3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle; before you rush to discard all your waste and junk, take a moment to sort out what can be reused, or recycled. Recycling is particularly effective at helping conserving the environment.
  4. Reduce meat intake; meat is not just harmful to your health, it greatly contributes towards messing up the environment. More meat consumption means more cattle and more cattle means more grazing fields and pens. Over grazing causes soil erosion and depletion of grass and other plants.
  5. Avoid polythene bags like plague; polythene bags do not easily rot or decay, and are responsible for poisoning the soil, and micro organisms found therein. Always have a bag that you can use for shopping, compared to getting a polythene bag each time you’re out shopping.


Take action today, and embrace the above steps, so that we all help conserve our one and only planet.