How to reuse or recycle your old mattress


Just like everything else, mattresses get old and the need to replace them becomes urgent. Mattresses that are past their sell by date are likely to cause more harm than good; back pain, not to mentioned the accumulated dust and mites that maybe lurking might not be ideal for you or your families health. Mattresses are highly recyclable so instead of throwing out your mattress, here are ways to reuse or recycle your old matters;

  1. Clean it first – Before getting rid of the mattress it is important to give it a good clean first. Vacuum the top and the bottom too to get rid of any dust and dust mites that may be hidden within. Sift some baking soda over the mattress to freshen it. You can add a drop of essential oil in the baking soda to give it a fresh scent. If there are any stains, use one part bleach and one part soap to clean it. Use a scorching pad to scrub it clean and use a soft damp cloth to pat it dry. Air your mattress for that truly fresh scent.
  2. Donation – Donating your mattress is one of the options available to you. You can use social media or local pages to find out who might be in need of a mattress and will accept it. This is better than throwing out the mattress in the trash and exposing it to the elements. Find out whether there any charities that might be in use of a mattress, it would be great if your mattress could go to a good cause.
  3. Recycling – This option is open if you aren’t in a position to donate it. Call your local recycling facility and find out whether they recycle mattresses. There could also be some companies that do this so find out whether they truly recycle mattresses or whether they would plan to just throw them out. Alternatively, you could disassemble your bed and recycle it in parts. This may come with a small fee for disassemble, removal and processing yet it is a great choice rather than having the mattress clog a land fill. Breaking the bed and mattress into smaller parts could work to your advantage as recycling centres may also accept it in this form rather than as a whole.
  4. Use it for something fun – You could decide to repurpose your mattress for a whole new life. You could take it apart and use the components as an abstract art feature. You can involve the family in the project and make something really creative, while having fun while you’re at it.


Whatever option you choose, reusing and recycling your old mattress would be a great way to contribute to conserving the environment.

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