Summer Waste Clearance Services By Rubbish Away Ltd.


Summer-Waste-ClearanceRubbish Away Ltd is the leading summer waste clearance service provider. We pride ourselves of having helped many home owners, even commercial building owners, to tidy up their premises and gardens, so that everyone around can enjoy their stay. Clearing your waste in summer is always advisable; it keeps your home and garden clean, so that before winter sets in and blankets everything on its way, no litter is buried beneath.

Why Rubbish Away Ltd?

  • When you give us a call to come and do any summer clearance tasks, we first ask you some basic questions, to help us respond more appropriately. Do you need partial clearance, or full clearance? Do you have a garden that needs to be cleared too?
  • These questions are very important, as they help us mobilize our waste clearance team. In an hour or so of getting your phone call, the clearance team will come to your premises with all the tools for the job.
  • We have well equipped trucks and vans that we use to cart away whatever waste we’ve collected at you premises.
  • Much of the summer clearance often has to do with clearing the garden. Nothing is as beautiful as a well attended and tidied up home garden during summer. It is a sight to behold, and we are experts at helping make your garden tidy.
  • Our garden clearance team will use shovels to gently tend to the plants; we also have tools to trim any overgrown bushes and hedges on the garden. Any liter around is collected, including polythene bags that often make the garden look neglected.
  • Our summer clearance services will also involve clearing your garage, and making it tidy before the harsh season sets in. Waste and junk left around your garage like old car batteries, tires, and grease cans; all these pose imminent health risks your family and loved ones.
  • When it rains, these trap water that becomes stagnant, breeding ground for mosquitoes; they could also harbor rodents and snakes. We thus sweep your garage free of such, and ensure that the whole area is sparkling clean.
  • You can never go wrong wish us; our summer clearance services are not just a clearance task; we may make an experience that you’ll always look forward to.


Rubbish Away Ltd are the real pros, talk to us today for all your summer clearance needs in and around London.