7 Reasons To Hire Rubbish Away Ltd For All Your Waste Disposals In London

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Since its inception, Rubbish Away Ltd. has continued to make a name for itself, distinguishing itself as the leading waste disposal company in London, and the surrounding areas. Our client base continues to grow, and you too could become part of this success story. But perhaps you are wondering, why Rubbish Away, why are our services so much sought after?

Well, the below reasons will answer your question;

  1. Professional; gone are the days when waste collection was characterized by smelly trucks, dirty and shabbily dressed waste collectors, and such scenarios. We have changed the way things are done; we are professional, we have invested in our staff, and equipment too to ensure that everything is done professionally.
  2. Personnel; all our waste disposal teams are physically fit, highly qualified, and can handle all manner of waste. We equip them with clean uniform, gloves, and boots, and so on so forth. Everyone within our disposal team is courteous, and trustworthy.
  3. Modern equipment; our modern equipment includes customized trucks that can be used to lift or hoist bulky waste from flats. Our Vans are also well equipped to handle many rubbish bins without breaking much sweat.
  4. Experience; an experienced waste disposal company is always a better bet, and at Rubbish Away Ltd., we have been there long enough. We have experience clearing waste for big homes, flats, country homes, you name it.
  5. Customer Care team; if there is one area in which are keen on, it is in ensuring that our communication lines are always open when you need us. Our customer care team is always on standby 24/7, ready to respond to any issue you may raise.
  6. Prompt; another thing that has endeared us to many clients is our ability to mobilize our disposal team at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to book us in advance (you can if you wish to); but even on a short notice, we still can come to your place and get the job done.
  7. Diversity; our waste disposal services are not limited to homes and residential areas; we also offer office and commercial building waste disposal services. This flexibility is welcome news to many home owners and business people around London.


Undeniably, Rubbish Away Ltd is your reliable and affordable waste disposal company in London; contact us today for a free quotation and experience services with a difference.