Garage Clearance Surrey

Garage Clearance SurreyAs a Surrey county resident, it is very advisable that you have a trusted garage clearance company close to you; a company that you can call anytime at a moment’s notice, and they’ll respond. The task of ensuring that your garage is tidy and neat at all times ought to be trusted to an experienced company like us!

  • We are one of the few licensed garage clearance companies in Surrey by the Surrey County Council. As such, we can handle all manner of waste including old oils, and dispose it correctly.
  • An untidy garage is not just an eyesore; it poses grievous dangers to anyone using it. There could be accidents and injuries if one isn’t careful.
  • At other times, you’ll require to completely dispose of your old, stalled car, or some parts of it. Worry not! We have specialized trucks and Vans that can tow all your stalled and old vehicles; we can even partner you with auctioneers and other entities that buy wrecks and savage vehicles.
  • When you hire us to come and clear your garage in surrey, we ensure that all our activities are eco friendly. Some of the waste found around the garage can be recycled; we thus take for recycling whatever can be recycled.
  • Our garage clearance teams in Surrey comprise of physically fit men and women, professionals at what they do. They strive to satisfy the client, and ensure that the garage is left looking tidied up, and welcoming to the owner.
  • Seeing that Garage clearance often tends to be done occasionally, we can enter into an arrangement where we’ll be clearing your garage after every 2 weeks, or whatever frequency is necessary.


We are your number one garage clearance company in surrey; we have the expertise, the tools, and the passion to ensure that your garage is always clean and orderly. Contact us today.