Garden Clearance

gardenGarden Clearance In London By Rubbish Away

Your London home garden holds a special place in your heart, it should always be neat, tidy, and the flowers, plants there in should always be blossoming. But it takes effort to achieve the above, there are times you’ll need a helping hand from Rubbish Away!

What do our garden clearance services comprise of?

  • When you call us to come clear your garden, we ensure that we clear any litter, junk, or unnecessary clutter items that are an eye sore.
  • Secondly, having a great garden is more than just clearing the litter around; we also help weed out unwanted plants, even trim any overgrown branches and hedges.
  • Once we have trimmed and pruned of the overgrown branches, we then neatly use those for mulching purposes on your garden. Mulching is very effective in ensuring that your crops don’t wither.
  • Some of the commonest items and clutter found on your garden can be recycled; polythene bags, plastics, old car batteries, old tires; we take this for recycling.

Why Rubbish Away?

  • Our services are holistic, we ensure that your garden, and compound around it is clean and tidy. We’ll even help trim the lawn on the pavements leading to your garden.
  • Our services are affordable; we can always find a way to clear your garden regardless of your budget. So don’t stress yourself much, just talk to us today.
  • Rubbish Away has built a solid reputation for ourselves around London and Surrey area. We deliver what we promise, we always keep our word.
  • You can also reach our customer care team at any time of the day, any day of the week. We can attend to your garden at a time of your convenience, including on weekends.


Don’t go far, don’t search anymore; talk to Rubbish Away today for all your garden clearance needs around London.