House Clearance Surrey

House Clearance SurreyQuite a huge number of Surrey County residents live in urban areas, and as such, managing and disposing of rubbish and waste can be tricky. It is not enough to compile all your house waste into one bin; you have to get it taken away for disposal. Traditionally, people relied on the Surry County Council to clear all their home waste; but as the population growth and human settlement expand, so has the need for private home waste clearance companies.

Why hire Rubbish Away Ltd. for House Clearance in Surrey?

  • We pride ourselves in offering he most reliable, most affordable house clearance services, in all the 8 districts around Surrey.
  • We have a large fleet of trucks and Vans that help reach clients both within central Surrey, and in its inner neighborhoods.
  • Most of Surrey is wooded, and most home owners love to have a garden around their homes. Our house clearance services include clearing your garden, and leaving it immaculately neat and tidy.
  • We also clear the loft, and leave it clean and tidied up. More often than not, most home owners clean their homes, but forget about the loft.
  • We are also very aware that most of the Surrey residents comprise of a substantial working class population that commutes to London daily. To cater for these hectic and busy schedules, we provide our clients with perfumed bins which you can use to compile all your waste.
  • We’ll then come and empty the bins either once a week, or mid week, depending on the arrangement we agree one.
  • You can also rest assured that all of our home waste clearance guys are carefully vetted, are highly qualified, and skilled in house clearance.


A clean and tidy home is a paradise for anyone present, from the family members to any visit who may pass by. Let us serve you today, our house clearance services are a sure way to ensure that your Surrey home is a great place to be in.