Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish Away is the leading rubbish clearance company in London and Surrey, and our client base continues to grow each new day. You too can become part of our success story; we don’t just offer rubbish clearance services, we go the extra step of ensuring that we do it in a professional and convenient way, so that you always live and work in a clean environment.

Why Rubbish Away?

  • We offer our services any day of the week; as long as you give us a call in advance, we can always mobilize our rubbish clearance teams.
  • We have the latest trucks and vans for rubbish removal. These trucks are specially designed to handle all manner and amount of rubbish, including bulky waste. Even for waste that requires being hoisted or lifted up, we can easily manage.
  • We are a licensed and bona fide rubbish clearance company by the local authorities; this means that we have been vetted and found fit to collect and clear of all waste, including toxic waste.
  • Our rubbish removal services include home clearance, office clearance, garage clearance, loft clearance, flats clearance, garden clearance, you name it!
  • Rubbish Away also invests highly in training our rubbish clearance teams on the need to be professional, courteous, and polite when dealing with our clients. We can thus clear all rubbish from your premises without inconveniencing you in any way.
  • We also have a customer care team that is always on standby 24/7; here, you can hire our services, and share your feedback with us.
  • Unlike some rubbish removal companies around London that charge for the parking costs, we don’t! Thus, we only charge for the services offered when clearing your rubbish, and our rates are extremely affordable.
  • We also ensure that all our rubbish removal services are eco friendly; we don’t use any harmful chemicals when collecting or disposing of any rubbish. We have also embraced recycling, and we encourage our clients to follow suit.
  • Our payment options are flexible; you can pay us via PayPal, or using a Credit card. Depending on your rubbish removal needs, we can arrange to be billing you on a monthly basis, or after every 2 weeks.
  • We also offer pleasant discounts to our regular customers, in the form of free garden clearance as a way to appreciate your giving us a chance to serve you.


Contact Rubbish Away today for all your rubbish removal needs around London and Surrey. You’ll be impressed by our professionalism and efficiency.