Rubbish Removal Putney

Rubbish-Removal-PutneyWelcome to Rubbish Away, the premier rubbish removal company in Putney SW15 and the surrounding areas. Our job is to get the burden of rubbish removal off your shoulders, and ensure that you live or work in a clean and tidy environment. The good thing about us is that our services are more convenient, and affordable, compared to a skip. Unlike a Skip that charges a standard, blanket rate, we will charge you only for the amount of rubbish that we have cleared. Besides, a skip will waste much of your time as you wait all day for the skip to turn up, spend another whole day or weekend loading the rubbish, get a road permit…it doesn’t have to be that complicated! With Rubbish Away, we are just a phone call away.

  • You can hire our services on a one time basis, or on a contractual basis, depending on your rubbish removal needs. We can arrange to be clearing away all your rubbish on a weekly basis, or after every 2 weeks, and so on so forth.
  • We pride ourselves of having specialized trucks and vans, to ensure that the rubbish removal task is smooth, and more effective. Even if you live on the top floor of a flat, you need not worry. We have the means to dispose of all waste therein. This includes bulky waste that may require lifting or hoisting up.
  • Our rubbish removal teams are professional, courteous, and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about losing any valuables at your office or residential premises; we are accountable to the core.
  • We are a fully licensed rubbish removal company by the Environmental Agency. We handle all manner of waste, including garage junk like old metal, damaged car batteries, old oil and grease, and so on so forth.


Contact Rubbish Away today for all your rubbish removal requirements and need in Putney; we’ll do a great job, and you’ll surely get value for your money.